Foxcroft Goes Green

At Foxcroft School, "Foxcroft Goes Green" is more than a slogan. It is an ongoing effort of learning and living as responsible stewards of the environment. Our commitment to promoting sustainability literacy extends beyond the classroom to include experiential learning opportunities and involves our entire all girls private boarding school community through such programs as recycling and conservation.


Want to check out Foxcroft's green initiatives in real time? Visit our Green Dashboard for a look at electrical, geothermal, water consumption and costs across campus!

Sustainability at Foxcroft School

We continue to work toward a more sustainable campus and community at Foxcroft. As we advance our Campus Master Plan initiatives, there is an increased emphasis on expanding the focus beyond facilities and operations to include academics, administration, and overall community engagement. Through interest and participation from students, faculty, and staff over the years, we have made significant progress in reducing the boarding school's carbon footprint.

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  • Electrical Consumption

    Turning off lights when leaving a room, using LED bulbs, and being responsible with thermostat settings are just a few of the ways that we conserve energy. We also incorporate green updates, converting existing lighting to LEDs in the riding arena (2016), parking lots (2016), and gymnasiums (2017).

    Take a look at our buildings' electrical consumption and you may be surprised by how little we use!
  • Water Usage

    In the late 20th century, an astonishing 1.2 million gallons of water per month were used at Foxcroft School. In the Year 2000, toilets with low flow devices and aerators for faucets and equipment were installed, reducing our water consumption by 450,000 gallons per month. Trays (and the water required to wash them) were eliminated from the Dining Hall that year as well, further reducing water consumption. This nearly one-third reduction in water use could fill the swimming pool at Foxcroft School four times every month!
  • Geothermal Production

    The geothermal, ground source heat pump uses the Earth's constant temperature to heat and cool, instead of adapting to the variable air temperature outside. The EPA calls geothermal "the most energy-efficient, environmentally clean and cost effective space conditioning systems available today."
  • Solar Photovoltaic Electricity Production

    The 2013 Explorations in Engineering class researched the potential for using solar panels at Foxcroft School. After presenting their findings to the Administration and the Board of Trustees, approval was granted to install four test panels near the Observatory. The panels are used by science classes for experimentation on tilt angles, cleaning schedules, and to learn about solar power.

    The solar power that is produced by the panels is backfed to the School's main leg of electricity, thereby reducing the amount of electricity provided by Dominion Power.
  • Clean & Green Products

    Foxcroft School is committed to using products that are good for our health and the environment. The School works with Solutex, Inc., the first cleaning supply company in the US to achieve "Champion Partner" status in the EPA's Design for the Environment (DFE) Safer Detergents Stewardship Initiative (SDSI).

    Most all of the cleaning products that we purchase and use to maintain our facilities contain safer surfactants. For example, the surfactant LAE biodegrades quickly into non-polluting compounds and thus helps to protect aquatic life in both freshwater and saltwater.
  • The Geothermal Impact

    Foxcroft introduced geothermal heating and air-conditioning with the construction of Stuart Hall dormitory that opened in 2013, which has 33 geothermal wells. During the renovation of Court into a welcome center, which opened in 2016, 15 geothermal wells were added. By taking energy from the earth and storing it, the geothermal plant acts as another factor in sustainable energy and reduces dependency on fossil fuels.
  • Wastewater Treatment

    The Wastewater Treatment Facility at Foxcroft School operates under permit requirements as outlined by the Virginia Pollutant Discharge Elimination System. The treated water is discharged into Goose Creek, a 53.9 mile-long tributary of the Potomac River in northern Virginia. It comprises the principal drainage system for the Loudoun Valley and is one of two sources for residents' drinking water.

    The Wastewater Treatment Facility has eliminated the use of chlorine gas, which is a safety and environmental hazard, by switching from oxidizing chemical treatment for disinfection of the treated water to Ultraviolet Light (UV) disinfection.

Student Involvement

At Foxcroft School, students are an integral part of our sustainability efforts, including recycling and ongoing education. In fact, they often lead special projects and provide opportunities for the entire campus community to become involved.
    • foxcroft volunteers picking up trash

— Millie M. ’17

“Foxcroft has always instilled in us the idea of giving back, and we think it’s important to do that with our environment.”

How Our Students Support Green Initiatives

Stuart Hall, Foxcroft’s LEED-Certified Dormitory

Stuart Hall is our first Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Certified building on campus. The dormitory is home to as many as 50 students and three faculty families, and was constructed with environmentally friendly materials. It contains energy-saving fixtures and appliances, and uses alternative energy produced by 33 geothermal wells for heating and cooling.

Stuart Hall News

List of 4 items.

  • 1

    Gold LEED Certification
  • 2

    Wintergreen Awards
    for excellence in green building
  • 33

    geothermal wells
    for heating and cooling
  • 25,731

    square feet
    of space in the building

Court, a Green Welcome Center

List of 4 items.

  • 15

    geothermal wells
    for heating and cooling
  • 14,892 sq. ft.

    of carpet made
    from recyclable material
  • 175

    LED lights
    throughout the buidling
  • 12

    low flow toilets & aerators
    installed to conserve water
Court serves as the School's Welcome Center, housing the School Store and mailroom, seminar rooms, and the Admission, Advancement, Marketing/Communications, and Business Offices. Originally a dormitory, Court was renovated and rededicated in 2016 so that future generations of Foxcroft girls can enjoy this beloved building.

Court News

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